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JVC BN-VF815,BN-VF815U,BN-VF815USM Data Equivalent Camcorder Battery
JVC BN-VF815,BN-VF815U,BN-VF815USM Data Equivalent Camcorder Battery JVC BN-VF815,BN-VF815U,BN-VF815USM Data Equivalent Camcorder Battery

JVC BN-VF815,BN-VF815U,BN-VF815USM Data Equivalent Camcorder Battery

  • Model#:BN-VF815

  • Brand:JVC

  • Rating: comment rank 5

List Price:$51.66
You Pay:$28.70 free shipping canada and usa



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JVC AA-VF8U AA-VF8USM Charger ... × 1
JVC BN-VF815,BN-VF815U,BN-VF81... × 1
List Price:$47.20
Combo Price:$45.55
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Chemistry Li-ion
Voltage 7.2V(Compatible with 7.4V)
Capacity 1460mAh
Dimensions 2.2x 1.5 x 2.2 inch
Weight 2.5 oz.


JVC's Data BN-VF815/BN-VF815USM equivalent battery works with JVC Everio Mini DV camcorders. This intelligent battery can communicate with camcorder and show the remaining time on LCD screen. Each charge will power your camcorder for up to 3 hours.

Compatible with:

Replaces: BN-VF815, BN-VF815U, BN-VF808, BN-VF808U, BN-VF823, BN-VF823U, BNVF808, BNVF808U, BNVF815, BNVF815U,BN-VF815USM, BNVF815USM, BNVF823, BNVF823U

Fits into:

JVC Everio Series: GZ-HD10, GZ-HD10EK, GZ-HD10EX, GZ-HD10US, GZ-HD200A, GZ-HD200B, GZ-HD200R, GZ-HD3, GZ-HD30, GZ-HD300, GZ-HD300A, GZ-HD300B, GZ-HD300R, GZ-HD30EK, GZ-HD30EX, GZ-HD30US, GZ-HD3EK, GZ-HD3EX, GZ-HD3US, GZ-HD40, GZ-HD40EK, GZ-HD40EX, GZ-HD40US, GZ-HD5, GZ-HD5EK, GZ-HD5EX, GZ-HD5US, GZ-HD6, GZ-HD6EK, GZ-HD6EX, GZ-HD6US, GZ-HD7, GZ-HD7EK, GZ-HD7EX, GZ-HD7US, GZ-HM1SUS, GZ-HM200, GZ-HM400, GZ-MG130, GZ-MG130EK, GZ-MG130EX, GZ-MG130US, GZ-MG131, GZ-MG131EK, GZ-MG131EX, GZ-MG131US, GZ-MG132, GZ-MG132EK, GZ-MG132EX, GZ-MG132US, GZ-MG133, GZ-MG133EK, GZ-MG133EX, GZ-MG133US, GZ-MG134, GZ-MG134EK, GZ-MG134EX, GZ-MG134US, GZ-MG135, GZ-MG135EK, GZ-MG135EX, GZ-MG135US, GZ-MG148, GZ-MG148EK, GZ-MG148EX, GZ-MG148US, GZ-MG150, GZ-MG150EK, GZ-MG150EX, GZ-MG150US, GZ-MG155, GZ-MG155EK, GZ-MG155EX, GZ-MG155US, GZ-MG157, GZ-MG157EK, GZ-MG157EX, GZ-MG157US, GZ-MG175, GZ-MG175EK, GZ-MG175EX, GZ-MG175US, GZ-MG177, GZ-MG177EK, GZ-MG177EX, GZ-MG177US, GZ-MG230, GZ-MG255, GZ-MG255EK, GZ-MG255EX, GZ-MG255US, GZ-MG275, GZ-MG275E, GZ-MG275EK, GZ-MG275EX, GZ-MG275US, GZ-MG330, GZ-MG330A, GZ-MG330AUS, GZ-MG330H, GZ-MG330HUS, GZ-MG330R, GZ-MG330RUS, GZ-MG335, GZ-MG335H, GZ-MG335HUS, GZ-MG335W, GZ-MG335WUS, GZ-MG340, GZ-MG340B, GZ-MG340BUS, GZ-MG360, GZ-MG360B, GZ-MG360BUS, GZ-MG365, GZ-MG365B, GZ-MG365BUS, GZ-MG430, GZ-MG430H, GZ-MG430HUS, GZ-MG435, GZ-MG435H, GZ-MG435HUS, GZ-MG465, GZ-MG465B, GZ-MG465BUS, GZ-MG555, GZ-MG555EK, GZ-MG555EX, GZ-MG555US, GZ-MG575, GZ-MG575EK, GZ-MG575EX, GZ-MG575US, GZ-MG630A, GZ-MG630R, GZ-MG630S, GZ-MG630US, GZ-MG670B, GZ-MG670US, GZ-MG680B, GZ-MG680US, GZ-MG730US, GZ-MS90, GZ-MS100, GZ-MS100R, GZ-MS100RUS, GZ-MS100US, GZ-MS120, GZ-MS120A, GZ-MS120B, GZ-MS120R, GZ-MS130, GZ-MS130A, GZ-MS130B, GZ-MS130R, GZ-X900

JVC Mini DV Series: GR-D720US, GR-D720EK, GR-D720EX, GR-D720, GR-D725US, GR-D725EK, GR-D725EX, GR-D725, GR-D726US, GR-D726EK, GR-D726EX, GR-D726, GR-D728US, GR-D728EK, GR-D728EX, GR-D728, GR-D740US, GR-D740EK, GR-D740EX, GR-D740, GR-D745US, GR-D745EK, GR-D745EX, GR-D745, GR-D746US, GR-D746EK, GR-D746EX, GR-D746, GR-D750US, GR-D750EK, GR-D750EX, GR-D750, GR-D760US, GR-D760EK, GR-D760EX, GR-D760, GR-D770US, GR-D770EK, GR-D770EX, GR-D770, GR-D770E, GR-D770VS, GR-D771US, GR-D771EK, GR-D771EX, GR-D771, GR-D775US, GR-D775EK, GR-D775EX, GR-D775, GR-D790US, GR-D790EK, GR-D790EX, GR-D790, GR-D796US, GR-D796EK, GR-D796EX, GR-D796, GR-D850US, GR-D850EK, GR-D850EX, GR-D850, GR-D870US, GR-D870EK, GR-D870EX, GR-D870, GR-D875US, GR-D875EK, GR-D875EX, GR-D875, GR-DA30US, GR-DA30


JVC Everio GZ-HM1 Series: GZ-HM1,GZ-HM1SUS

JVC HD Cameras Series: GC-PX10, GC-PX10US, GCPX10US


100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments.

The BN-VF815U battery can be charged by JVC camcorder and original charger.

Battery remaining time will be displayed on the LCD screen.

Absolutely no memory effect.

Low impedance battery design.

Best replacement battery.

[Chemistry] Li-ion
[Voltage] 7.2V(Compatible with 7.4V)
[Capacity] 1460mAh
[Dimensions] 2.2x 1.5 x 2.2 inch
[Weight] 2.5 oz.
JVC AA-VF8U AA-VF8USM Charger for BN-VF808U BN-VF815U BN-VF823U Camcorder Battery   X 1
JVC BN-VF815,BN-VF815U,BN-VF815USM Data Equivalent Camcorder Battery   X 1
List Price:$47.20
Combo Price:$45.55
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